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Computer Vision
Machine Learning
We have been developing computer vision solutions for 10+ years
More than 50 of them are being used in production
Smart City

License plate recognition
We created our first license plate recognition system in 2012 and adopted it for more than 20 applications including trains recognition, container identification and other.
Vehicle analytics
With modern algorithms we provide a wide range of vehicle properties like its speed, size or brand. Whether it's for analytics or traffic violation detection.
Smart Shop
Goods identification
Since 2015 we have created and integrated three solutions for management of merchandisers and analytics of the availability of goods.
Price tag recognition
We have developed solutions for counting the number of visitors, statistics collection, and cashierless store.
Customer tracking
We provide a number of solutions for recognition of price tags and stickers. Server solutions, phone solutions, warehouse solutions, store management solutions.
Action Analytics
Action Analytics
By analyzing of human behavior under different conditions we developed solutions for online proctoring, hands free input and skeleton analytics.
Industry 4.0
Object identification
To innovate manufacturing processes we provide CV solutions. Keep track of industrial wages, products and their properties.
Defects detection
Enhance quality control with automated observers. Using industrial cameras we detect production defects and even unseen anomalies to help to manufacture the best products.
People identification
Our first sold startup was for identifying people by their iris in 2008. Since then we have advanced many biometric systems including identification by face, palm or appearance.
To reach the full power of biometrics we provide it with fraud detection: 3d analysis, liveliness estimation and others.
Edge AI
Inference accelerators
We deploy computer vision solutions on many edge devices including Jetson series, Intel processors, Google coral, Raspberry Pi, RockChip based systems and many others.
Mobile devices
We optimize computer vision intelligence to run on smartphones including Apple and Android NPUs to have the best portable experience.
We step up with the platforms for the lowest-cost and lowest-energy consumption applications. Convert intelligence to the humblest boards.
Meet our team
Anton Maltsev
PhD, Computer Vision Pipelines Architecture
Vasily Morzhakov
Anton Vasiliuk
General Computer Vision Expert
Nikolay Andrianov
PhD, 3d math and model optimization
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